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Jellyfish fish got you down?

Urinating on a jellyfish sting will relieve the pain. In fact, experiments indicate that in some je .....Read More

Some people enjoy urinating well having sex

Urinating on someone or being urinated on for enjoyment is known in fetish parlance as "water sports .....Read More

Urine has antiseptic properties

Centuries ago, when someones nose was cut off during a duel, the surgeon peed on it to clean it befo .....Read More

Peeing in the shower saves time and adds up!

How much time do you take peeing? Say it takes you 2.5 minutes to do the deed. So if you pee in t .....Read More

Fight off athlete’s foot!

Did you know in jail the guards tell the prisoners to pee on their feet first thing in the morning? .....Read More

The Pee In The Hand

Very often when I am taking a shower with my girlfriend I joke about peeing on here and she always l .....Read More

Somethings You Are Better Off Not Seeing

The other day I was taking a shower with my girlfriend when she asked if I have ever seen a girl pee .....Read More

Up in the Air

Hey, some people just need to start with the basics and it does not get any more basic than this. Ju .....Read More

Arms on top of head

You may be asking your self one very odd question right now and that is why would you want to pee wi .....Read More

One Leg Up

This one is not as hard as it sounds and if your do it wrong you will be having more fun than we wan .....Read More

The Laws Of Sex

h1>Laws of sex
  1. The more beautiful the woman is who loves you, the .....Read More

Why Who Pees In The shower Does Not Add NoFollow

I got in to a talk the other day about this site with a friend and he asked why do I not add nofallo .....Read More

More people asking if it is normal to pee in the shower

I came across this site that a kid is asking if it is normal to pee in the shower and its kind of fu .....Read More

Sorry If The Site Has Had A Little Down Time :)

I have been changing some of the code around in hopes of making my life a little more easy when upda .....Read More

Statistic For April 6th 2011

Today we had 356 Visitors with 921 Pageviews!! :)

We are still not getting the votes
.....Read More
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