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The Laws Of Sex

Laws of sex

  1. .... Read More

Why Who Pees In The shower Does Not Add NoFollow

I got in to a talk the other day about this site w.... Read More

More people asking if it is normal to pee in the shower

I came across this site that a kid is asking if it.... Read More

Sorry If The Site Has Had A Little Down Time :)

I have been changing some of the code around in ho.... Read More

Statistic For April 6th 2011

Today we had 356 Visitors with 921 Pageviews!! :) .... Read More

Added a results page to

This should of been done some time ago but I guess.... Read More

Peeing In The Shower Gross Or Green

The Pros and Cons Shower Urination? I call it g.... Read More

Who Pees In The Shower Goes Live!!

Today is the day!! Who Pees In The Shower is goin.... Read More

Who pees in the shower is about ready!!

I just got done adding in some of the facts and te.... Read More

Comments Are Now Open For Who Pees In The Shower

Well the site is not yet fully done I am making co.... Read More
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