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Why Who Pees In The shower Does Not Add NoFollow

I got in to a talk the other day about this site with a friend and he asked why do I not add nofallow to the comment links.

He was quick to point out that most major websites do and it seems to be common practice. Of course we are going under the idea that this site will one day be able to hold 1000 plus visitors a day without paying for ads and get 100 comments a day.

There are two times this comes up and to me it is important to allow links in both cases.

The first is when I do a news post or blog post that talks about another site or me talking about what I have read on another site.  I am going to allow the fallowing of links here as a way to say thanks you for the information and great post.  To me it is just a nice little way of showing I that there work matters.

The second place links are placed on is by posting a comment.  Again I want to allow links to fallow throw as a way of saying thank you for posting a comment, but more than that I want   to again allow some link power to be passed on in case they add a link to some site that truly has good information about peeing.

All in all if is a way to give back to the people that come here and care about linking and give a little more power to the people that have made a great article I have read.

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One Comment on Who Pees In The Shower

  1. On The Tech Side says:

    Have you seen your site in IE6?

    LOL I know no one cares about IE6 but WOW

    Im kind of amazed that it looks 90% how it should!

    Good coding


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