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Somethings You Are Better Off Not Seeing

The other day I was taking a shower with my girlfriend when she asked if I have ever seen a girl pee. I thought this was odd when I just walked in on her peeing before we both got in the shower. So I told her "Yeah, I just walked in on you".

She got an odd smile on her face and said.
"That's not seeing a girl peee, this is seeing a girl pee."

As she started to pee on my feet in the shower. . . .

Somehow I dont think showers will ever be the same.

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6 Comments on Who Pees In The Shower

  1. Pisslover says:

    You lucky bastard.
    >tfw no cute girlfriend to pee on me in the shower


  2. heh says:

    wow, can i haz your gf??? ;)


  3. Christina says:

    Ew,this is weird. You should have wrote who this was by so people do not think it’s me. lol


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